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Get to know the skilled individuals behind our company. Each team member brings unique talents and expertise to the table.

Matthew van der Hoorn, or Mr. Hoorn, is the founder and director of the Mind Academy. His ultimate goal is to optimize education globally, and the success of the Mind Academy is the first milestone towards this grand ambition.

Mr. Hoorn likes to read, think, and make notes in his spare time. From time to time, he also enjoys playing a game or watching a show.

”If you truly want to master something, you need to understand the why behind the how.”

- Matthew van der Hoorn, Director.

Maroun Rizk is a multilingual engineering physics student at Polytechnique Montreal. He discovered his passion for learning while self-learning Italian. He is currently in his first year of University, volunteering as an assistant researcher in mathematical modeling and an active robotics team member in HEKA, a technical society specializing in biomedical technologies.

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